A creator where the human being’s spirituality becomes center of his work.

Maykel Herrera Pacheco, the artist and human being is presented as a columnist of his time through the codes of the painting.

With a stamp that has forged it through the years and the own experience, the creator has been able to mark the difference and in turn to break up with artistic patterns of the contemporary Cuban painting.

Their works carried out in acrylic on canvas for so alone to mention one of the so many techniques used by him; in union with a space composition where the color use is essential and the use of certain symbols; they impose the spectator a marked stamp of identity and Cuban nationality; say it with the use of the national flag of Cuba in many of their paintings.

In all their pictorial speech the presence of the childhood like one of the fundamental stages in the development so much physical as psychological it is present, with the result that it is able to reflect all their restlessness and it introduces us in a world where our social context is played from another perspective.

It moves away all element of vulgarity or that it considers superfluous. It transmits all that happens to their surroundings to punctual details in a clear and precise message, easy to understand the expert public so much as to the simple spectator.

His vast and consolidate professional career he has made him worthy of the place that occupies today. Becoming a sociologist of his time from the image; in one century where every time the bombing of visual information is every bigger time.

This Cuban painter is integrated from this month to Artecru like one of his collaborators and where some of his works will be able to be appreciated.