Masks constitute the name of the transitory exhibition that is exhibited by these days in the headquarters of the Cuban Association of Artisans Artists in the city of Matanzas, Cuba.

The sample combines the more dissimilar artistic techniques that go from the ceramic mixed with dead nature, the size in wood and the work with horns of animals; with the use of a wide range of colors.

With one detailed order in the exposed works, in Masks is achieved a symbiosis of cultures like the African, the Asian and the Cuban; and in turn it allows diverse interpretations of the surrounding reality proposed by the creators by means of the employment of the most diverse signs and symbols.

The employment of the masks goes united next to the own human evolution, in the moment in that the humans began to use them to hide its true identity to conform a very different to his.

Among the invited works to the exhibition, they are the works carried out by Zenén Calero, grateful designer of the county and who forms part of the theater group Las Estaciones.

The space with a pleasant and calm atmosphere together to an excellent distribution of the elements in the scene allows the visitors to enjoy a Cuban contemporary art different to what is located in any artistic space.

It is so Masks offers an understanding among the world that surrounds to the human being and the faces of a reality completely different.