Creator combines the art of the teaching with the visual elements.

Marlin Almeida Rodríguez graduated in the Degree in Plastic Education, in the Pedagogic Superior Institute ¨Juan Marinello¨ becomes the second feminine representative that integrates the catalog`s  artists of Artecru.

Teacher of the Department of Pedagogic Humanistic Sciences, linked in Instructor’s of Art Degree, intrudes in the environment of the plastic arts “no longer as hobby, but as the pleasant pleasure that she offers the freedom of creating and of transmitting the knowledge through the art.”

She has several exhibitions carried out in diverse spaces of the Matanzas city.

Her pictorial speech is generally based on the use of the acrylic and the oil like technique and like support to the cloth. One of the thematic more appealed in her creative work it is the union among the human representation with the landscapes.

A selection of her work will be to disposition of the interested in



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