His paintings have a strong iconographic charge.

Manuel López Oliva, plastic artist with a consolidated and art critic with a long and successful career in the national and foreign field is integrated into the catalog of creators of Artecru.

Graduated from the National School of Art he has worked as a professor at the Higher Institute of Art and the Faculty of Arts and Letters of the University of Havana.

His pictorial and performative work has been exhibited in numerous biennials, auctions, art fairs and international exhibitions. He has made illustrations and covers for several books and magazines.

The creator is a member of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba and has been President of the National Committee of the International Association of Plastic Artists.

He stands out for the use of acrylic on canvas although this is not the only technique used in his artistic work. His paintings have a strong iconographic charge without falling into visual aggression neither in superfluous elements; it possesses a solid speech within contemporary art.

Among the recognitions granted are: the Distinction for the National Culture of the Ministry of Culture, the Diploma of Artistic Merit of the University of the Arts, the National Art Critic Award Guy Pérez Cisneros, for the work of all life and the most outstanding International Critic of Art Award (L’Humanité, France).

Their creations are part of the artistic suggestions of Artecru.



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