It summarizes a vision of the individual and the social.

With the collage and traditional oil on canvas as main techniques and communication channels between the artist and his audience, the personal exhibition “Luna” was inaugurated this morning, by the young creator Daniel Rodríguez Ramírez at the Provincial Center of Improvement for Culture in Matanzas city.

In the 7 pieces that are present, they reflect a structural cleanliness, the craft and the expressive urgency with a very particular creative stamp of his author.

Rolando Estévez expressed in the words of the catalog: “His constant thirst for information and knowledge, together with his proven talent, allows him to appear today in the panorama of the young painting of this city as one of the most interesting exponents of this new litter of artists”.

The works exhibited today are part of a larger exhibition scheduled to open in August at the headquarters of the Cuban Association of Artisan Artists.

With a personal vision reflects from the plastic arts, social concerns where the feminine, and the city play a decisive role in each of these compositions.

A selection of his work can be appreciated at Artecru.



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