The birth of the mountains. 2017. Acrylic / Canvas. 180 x 130 cm.

The exhibition had as a preamble the publication of the “López Oliva, Painting and Performance” catalog.

The plastic artist Manuel López Oliva will inaugurate “A teatro abierto”, his most recent personal exhibition at the Artis718 Gallery of the Cuban Cultural Heritage Fund located in Havana, Cuba; the coming 12 of April at 6 in the afternoon.

On this occasion the critic and professor also offers his vision of the relationship between human existence and its intricacies and the world of tables; as a scenario for the re – presentation of the life of man.

The use of a broad pictorial symbology in symbiosis with psychological, cultural, ethnographic and allegorical elements will lead the viewer to a universe of works thought and created with great detail.

The exhibition will show a creator who represents society through the codes of theater and visual arts and where masks become the fundamental resource that leads to a visual discourse full of meanings and meanings.

Recently, the artist joined the Artecru catalog, a space that will be followed by the development of this exhibition.

Never More. 2016. Acrylic / Canvas. 200 x 144 cm



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