The artist is renewed in each creative process.

Yunier Tamayo Sánchez Cuban artist of the plastic has just inaugurated his most recent exhibition Letters in the Julio Girona Gallery in Manzanillo city Bayamo, Cuba.

“In this exhibition the creator demonstrates his versatility in the world of the abstraction with codes renovated from the contemporary. The level of perception in each piece is superior from the symbolic and discursive to other creative samples.

In his chore he experiences with a language that bets for the visual thing, the chromatics and the semiotic; with a break of the traditional thing without leaving the conceptual of a side; with a maturity that demonstrates the essence of all their work inside the plastic arts”.

According to Danelys Gómez Pompa in the words of the catalog in this exhibition is a painter that extends maturity and understanding get same.

Some of their works can be appreciated in the gallery of Artecru where the interested ones can find them.



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