Creator travels several slopes inside the visual arts.

The artist of the plastic Normandis Fernández obtained the first mention in the XXVIII edition of the Provincial Salon of Plastic Arts Aristídes Fernández taken place in the county of Mayabeque, Cuba.

With the name of “I was been the muse”, the winning work constitutes an installation of 150 x 110 cm carried out with a variety of materials among those that are the canvas, the chains and the padlocks.

In the piece orderly elements are represented and structured from the superposition and the juxtaposition of the same, what facilitates a structural balance in the whole composition and it offers this way a contemporary vision and matter from the visual arts.

At the same time that it proposes a diversity of derived approaches of each spectator’s perceptive capacity.

The installation that we are presented is not to appreciate it of a single look, but to discover each detail that we are shown and this way to find the muse that each person has in its interior.

Some of their creations are part of the catalog of Artecru, space where the interested ones can come closer to the environment of the contemporary art.



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