As part of the rescue of the industrial patrimony, it is exhibited by these days a photographic exhibition in the Museum Palacio of Junco, in the city of Matanzas, Cuba.

The 18 instantaneous it includes a journey for all Cuba and they are linked to the thematic one industrial that includes machineries, facilities and productive activities from the XIX century until the present time.

The pictures show the development of the Cuban industry from the artistic point of view through the selection of emblematic places and grateful at national level and internationally, some of them transformed into symbols of identity of cities and tourist centers of interest.

Inside the places that the public can be they find: the old factory of oil The Cook, today Factory of Cuban Art; the port of Havana and the Pharmaceutical Museum of the city of Matanzas, only of their type in Cuba.

The pictures exposed in the city of Matanzas demonstrate once again that we can find the union of the reality and the art in the places fewer thought; always view from a different optics.