Artist reflects the nature and worldview of the universe in their creations.

José J. Hidalgo Barquín, young creator integrated to the catalog of artists of Artecru from this month of March.

Graduate of the Professional Academy of Plastic arts “Carlos Enríquez”, Manzanillo, Cuba; he develops a very contemporary visual aesthetics inside the environment of the plastic arts in each one of their paintings.

In their pieces it expresses the cosmology of the universe and the nature that it surrounds him from his vision like creator and human being. With the oil on canvas and in certain occasions together with the sea sand, he generates an entire environment of sensations expressed in countless significances of the what a thing it is the world for him.

Their creations present coherence, elegance, delight, a meticulous work of the space composition combined with the employment of the color, in association with visual and tactile textures.

Their work can be considered renovating inside the Cuban visual panorama. A selection of their realizations can be in the gallery of Artecru.



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