Frequent questions.

1 What do I have to do to buy some of the works of art that you have?

First you must see who your creator is and get in touch directly with him through the information found in his profile. We do not act as intermediaries of the process. The type of payment is between you and the artist.

2 I want to decorate my business with some of the design proposals that you offer from your paintings, how can I get those designs?

Select the design you want and get in touch with our specialists via email with them you can set the way to send them. If you reside outside of Cuba, we deliver it by DHL.

3 I want to order a specific painting.

If your intention is to order a specific painting, image or work, whether or not on the page, contact us through Artecru’s email.

4 How can I subscribe to the Artecru news?

On our page you can find the subscription option, you only need to enter your email address and press the subscribe button.

5 I'm not receiving notifications of your news, what happens

Make sure you have completed the subscription process correctly, if you continue the problem, contact our team.

6 Promote your art. What should I do?
If you want people from all over the world to know your work, contact us. You only need your resume, images of your pieces and a photo for your profile. Artecru’s team will analyze the works taking into account their quality and with the requirement to be originals of the artist that sends them. The service we provide is free. Come and be part of our community of creators.
7 Why promote in Artecru?

It is a window to the universe where potential customers, collectors, curators, critics, gallerists and other creators can admire your work. Every news generated on our site offers you the opportunity to disseminate your work among the most diverse public, as well as open bridges of collaboration, recognition and cultural exchange.

8 I am an artist that I want to exhibit my paintings in your space.

We do not own a gallery. We only fit into the promotion, the works of the artists in our catalog and all the creative activity they do.

9 What does the artist promotion service include?

By being part of our catalog of creators and collaborators we guarantee informative – publicity coverage of all your artistic and professional activities (exhibitions, process of realization of a certain piece or work, projects, events, etc.); through the publication of news related to you.

10 Do you only promote Cuban artists on your page?

No, we promote artists no matter what their nationality is, only that their work is included within the visual arts, without distinction of styles, techniques or materials used.

11 What happens with the information I give for the Artecru site?
All the information offered by you is protected by our privacy policy, our terms of use. In case of photographs of the works are protected by our watermark. Your data will not be revealed.
12 How can I update the works of my profile?

You get in touch with our team through the Artecru email. You can send it with all the data of each one of the works or in case of power we will do it personally. Then our administrator will place it on your profile.

13 Who should I contact to receive more detailed help?

You can contact us at our email, where we will give you answers as soon as possible.

“Matanzas´ elegy” a tribute to his city

Through the landscape a Matanzas ´ creator expresses the feelings he feels for the city in which he lives.

Photographic scenes of architectural forms

The young lens artist Alejandro Baró proposes an interesting visual discourse from the codes of photography.

Yeremy Guerra at the XIII Biennial of Havana

The artist is part of the project “Salt water”.

“The heat of the tropics” through the work of Adrián Socorro

It is the title of the proposal of this creator in the XIII Biennial of Havana.

“The way of the ancestors” of a contemporary creator

A reunion from the religious syncretism.

Matanzas` artists inaugurate XIII Biennial of Havana

On this occasion Matanzas become the sub-site of the most important visual arts event in Cuba.

Exhibition of young creators in the XIII Biennial of Havana

The exhibition is composed of young artists graduated from the Higher Institute of Art.

ConnectArt: in “Intermittent Rivers”

A collective project that brings together Cuban and North American artists from Ohio.

Contemporary Spanish art present in New York

The visual arts codes of La Rioja present in Artexpo 2019

The story as a show: Open Studio of López Oliva

The initiative is inserted as part of the XIII Biennial of Havana.

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