Frequent Questions

I am a creator that I work in the visual arts and design, I want to be part of Artecru but I do not comply with some requirements that I must have for the conformation of my profile in your web site. What can I do to be part of your community?

Our team is always available to help you through a critical and constructive analysis offering the necessary help for you to achieve the necessary requirements for the preparation of your profile in our community.

This work together will enable a better coherence and cohesion in its profile with the consequent result of a logical ordering of visual and conceptual discourse.

What information should I send for the creation of my Artecru profile?

For the conformation of your profile you must send the following information:

1- Curriculum vitae

2- Photograph of you.

3- A selection of photographs of its works with title, measurements and techniques (both for the conformation of its profile, and for the update of its personal gallery)

4- Contact information: telephone (only included in the profile if you authorize it), links to your profiles on social networks, email.

5- The date of its birthday (this is information that is exclusively used by Artecru and is not published in the profile.) We always have personalized attention with each creator and especially on that day we congratulate for such a significant celebration.

6- We can also ask or suggest the sending of images and audiovisual materials of the creative process of a work, this information for example can be included in the promotion section of our site.

The images sent must be in optimum quality to be published. We work with a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080 px.

All the information sent is processed by a team of highly qualified professionals and the works go through a curatorship process and analysis before being published.

It is asking me for certain information and personal data in the name of Artecru. How do I really recognize that the information that it is requesting me comes from Artecru and not from another site?

The information we need is always REQUESTED FROM OUR EMAIL

No information requested that is not from this email COMES FROM ARTECRU.

It is necessary that you know that we will never ask you:

1- Access codes for: credit cards, registered user sites, bank accounts, etc.

2- Personal identity number, voter registration or passport.

3- Personal or family information.

4- To serve as a front man in some banking, financial or commercial action.

5- Make a transfer of money through a payment gateway for our site.

We ask that you always stay in touch with us to avoid any inconvenience

As an artist, what are the advantages of being part of Artecru?

By being part of us you have the possibility of:

1- Create, shape and update your artistic-professional profile, which includes the descriptive and visual memory of your career; with a very personalized touch according to your interests.

2- Establish a closer and more intimate relationship with clients, collectors, galleries and art specialists.

3- Extend, develop and focus your artistic work towards new horizons.

4- Increase the promotion, visualization and positioning of your professional career achieving with this wide media coverage.

5- An ordering and a selective approach to your work from the visual and discursive through a thorough curatorship process by our specialists.

6- The elaboration of a technical – descriptive documentation of your professional career made by qualified specialists.

7- Be aware of what happens in competitions, biennials, awards, events, fairs, exhibitions; in the main international art circuits.

We are providing all of this at the same time, and we are currently working to continue increasing and expanding new services.

What treatment receives the information and personal data that I provide on your site?

The information you provide to us is protected by our privacy policy (see on the site), which is designed and prepared according to the regulatory and legal framework of the current GENERAL LAW OF PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA IN POSSESSION OF OBLIGATED SUBJECTS in it is and applicable in the territory of the United Mexican States.

The data collected by our website is protected by security protocols for communication and data transfer.

In the case of the works of the creators, they are protected in accordance with the provisions of the FEDERAL LAW OF COPYRIGHT of the United Mexican States. (You can read the specificities in our conditions of use.)

How can I update my profile in Artecru?

You can modify your data when you deem it convenient, you just have to contact us through our email and our team will assist you as soon as possible.

We only demand certain requirements to update the works in your personal gallery:

1- First you must know that the works you send us with the intention of being published in your personal gallery are not published automatically, but are submitted to a curatorship process.

2- We recommend that you send us works that make up a series, form part of an exhibition or project, in order to have a broader vision of your intentions, starting from the theoretical – conceptual foundations.

3- No isolated works are published unless they meet the above requirements or serve to graph news about their participation in certain samples, contests or prizes according to our policy of communication and follow-up of the careers of the creators that are part of the community.

4- The images of the submitted works must have good quality for its publication as well as having the descriptive details: title, measures and techniques.

How can I sell some of my works on your site?

The commercialization of the works is done directly by our site. If any possible client wishes to buy any of its pieces, it should contact you through the information that is available in its profile in order to know the price, availability and to establish the form of payment and shipping of the piece.

The relative to the purchase – sale of a certain work are matters that are only for you and the buyer.

We do not act as mediators of that process, nor do we charge commission for the sale.

We are currently working on the creation process of the Artecru sales store (online). It is an opportunity to connect creators more effectively with potential and future clients. When it is available it will be the first one to know it.

I want to obtain some of the design proposals that you offer for the setting of a certain space, how can I do it?

First you must know that we offer a wide range of designs. According to your intention or aesthetic taste you have the possibility to select:

1- Those made by talented professionals in the field of design

2- Or if your intention is a piece of plastic arts you can get it with the satisfaction of knowing that it is made by the very hand of its creator.

Printed or executed in dissimilar supports and techniques we assure you the originality and exclusivity of all our designs.

When you make your decision we ask you to contact our team through the following email to let us know your selection, to know the availability of the designs and establish the form of payment and shipping of the piece.

Shipments of the designs are made through DHL agency.

I am an artist that I want to exhibit my works in your space. That I have to do?

At this time we do not have a physical space to exhibit art works.

Currently we are dedicated only to the promotion of the professional career and the artistic activity of the creators that make up the Artecru community.

In its respective profiles you will find a selection of its works chosen by each creator that works as an online gallery, and where each of them was previously analyzed and submitted to a curatorship process by our team.

How can I subscribe to the Artecru news?

On our page you can find the subscription option, you just need to enter your email address and click on the subscribe button.

To complete the subscription process, you must accept our privacy policy in the checkbox that is enabled for that action on the site.

If you have any problem, do not hesitate to write us through our email Our team will respond as soon as possible.

Do you always publish everything that happens with the professional and creative career of the artists that make up the Artecru community in the news section of its site?

Generally yes. Everything that happens with the professional and artistic career of the creators of the Artecru community is published in the news section of our site and in the profiles of Artecru’s social networks: participation in events, exhibitions, awards and achievements, projects, etc.

Although in certain occasions it may be the case that there is information that does not meet certain parameters to be published in our news section for example:

1- The images sent do not have the minimum resolution required (1920 x 1080 px) for publication or its quality is not the most suitable.

2- The exhibition or event that was inaugurated maintains the same format and number of pieces and that previously a reference document has been published about it on our site, with the only particularity being the change of venue without there being a transformation in the context conceptual, artistic or prominent of it.

3- That between the participation of a certain event, the obtaining of some recognition, etc. and the sending of the information, a lapse of time takes place that compromises the immediacy, interest, objectivity and prominence of the publication.

In such circumstances our users and followers will not stop being updated, because we use that information and share it through the official profiles on Artecru’s social networks.

We always notify you with prior notice of the non-publication in of the information to the artist (s) involved in that issue and the reason for such decision.

We always work in a consensual environment of harmony, seriousness and tranquility to maintain an excellent relationship between the creators and Artecru.

What is the amount that I must pay to be part of the Artecru community?

We do not pay anything at all. Artists interested in being part of the creators’ community of Artecru should only comply with the requirements we demand for incorporation into our site; besides sending the corresponding information for the preparation of your profile.

If I sell a work, what commission Artecru charges for the concept of sale?

We do not charge any commission; we aren’t mediators in the process of buying and selling the works.

The questions related to this process correspond to the creators and the possible clients, understood as: the availability, prices, forms of payment and shipment of the pieces.

Artecru is only the communicative link between artists and those interested in their works.

How can I buy some of the works that are on your site?

To make the purchase of some of the works that are on our site, you must first contact the artist in question through the information available on your profile (email, phone or the links of social networks you have).

Once the contact is established, you will know unequivocally and without mediation: the availability of the piece (s), the price established by its author, how to establish the payment, the sending process; as well as other specific issues, and with it, make the direct purchase with its creator.

A process with total transparency in which we do not act as mediators, nor charge commission.

I wish to make some kind of donation to Artecru. What should I do for it?

To make any donation to Artecru you must contact us through our email and let us know your intention through this way.

Do you promote creators who do not belong to Artecru's artistic community?

We only promote the creative and professional work of the members of the Artecru community.

We are always in the best position to carry out any collaboration with artists who wish to establish a professional link with Artecru.

Do you promote the activities that art galleries develop?

Our work is aimed only at the promotion of the artistic activities of the creators of the Artecru community. We create a communicative link and are at the same time a way of reference between creators and specialized spaces such as galleries. We are always willing to make any kind of collaboration.

What categories of the arts are promoted in Artecru?

We promote all the disciplines of the visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography, digital art, net art, fanart, video art and “new media”, perfomatic manifestations, happenings, plastic actions, intervention, fluxus, etc) and of design.