The creative look of a French artist expresses a perfect combination of harmony and light.

With an artistic career developed in the circuits of European art especially in France and Italy, Sylvie Poinsot`s work of transcends geographical borders and reaches the Caribbean insularity.

The artist born in the so-called old continent has dabbled in various techniques from charcoal, pastel, acrylic to Indian ink, the latter as part of an investigation carried out by the creator in 2012.

Figuration through portrait painting has marked a large part of her work, conjugated at the same time by semi – figurative compositions. As part of a professional evolution in 2016, Poinsot decided to begin the steps in lyrical abstraction.

Her work can be defined as a neo-expressionist variant with influences from Emil Nolde and James Ensor with regard to portraiture.

The Italian art critic Paolo Levi catalogs it as: “a disturbing work, which is connected to the German expressionist painting of the twentieth century, revealing a poetic vein that is exalted in the strong contrasts of signs and colors”.

Sylvie Poinsot becomes the second French artist to be part of the creative community of Artecru where those interested can find a selection of her paintings.

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The creative look of a French artist expresses a perfect combination of harmony and light.

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