Creator expresses in the photograph his way of seeing the world

Julio César García Martínez highlights and conjugates at the same time in each of their pieces the diverse emotions and faces that both human beings offer and the social environments that his lens captures.

Graduated as an Art Instructor in the specialty of Plastic Arts, most of his professional work has been devoted to the photogram’s universe, in which his academic training has been a decisive step in the formation and expression of his visual discourse.

In their snapshots the viewer has before him according to the subject matter in question; natural beauty, architectural vestiges, concern for the history of your nation, feelings, lacks emotions and frustrations.

He offers interesting proposals made with great care from the composition to the use of technical and symbolic requirements that this visual discipline requires.

García Martínez stands out for highlighting in one way or another Matanzas as a province and city each time the shutter of the camera is operated. He impregnates those that some scholars call “matanceridad”.

This creator of the photographic images is included in Artecru‘s artists catalog since this month and a sample of their works will be available to those interested.



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