The first edition of the Festival Fluxus began in the city of Matanzas, like part of the activities that you/they understand the day for the week of the Cuban culture.

To be developed among the 17 at October 22 and favored by the Provincial Center of Visual Arts and the Superior Institute of Art (ISA), this space that for the first time is developed in the city, he/she has as objective to bring near the public to the most diverse creative and artistic forms.

Among the activities understood in the program of the event it is the conference on scenography with the designers Zenén Calero, Rolando Estévez and Adam Rodríguez.

During the course of the festival they will be developed a parade of masks by a group of students of scenic design of the ISA, an artistic intervention in the Plaza of Vigía in the area declared National Monument; shops and an exhibition corresponding to the creative wardrobe.

The most significant in Fluxus is the inauguration of the exhibition Bistro and their session of Mapping.

Artistic week that the Athens of Cuba, it will live and where the creative thing unites with the imaginative thing.



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