Next month of December it will be inaugurated: The roads didn’t become alone. 

This constitutes the more recent exhibition Jorge Junior Gutiérrez Salomón’s creator, where summarizes 16 years of professional career in the world of the plastic arts.

With a different look, the artist proposes a visual semantics that breaks up with creative outlines in the last times. It recreates in their works social complexities, reflections of a religion and an interpretation of life and faith.

With the employment of techniques that they go from the collage, the ceramic until the frotype, the exhibition evidences the diversity of beliefs of the Cubans.

This artistic proposal presents a strong visual load, a wide range of textures and where each part of the composition possesses countless meanings and significant.

It is an invitation to achieve a balance among what we want and we believe. Salomón at the moment is one of the artists of the catalog of Artecru, space that accompanies from the visual and informative to this exhibition.