The other mask 2015. Acrylic / Canvas. 190 x 140 cm

This exhibition is integrated by works of great format.

Last Thursday April 12th was inaugurated the sample “To Theater Open”, of the Cuban visual artist Manuel López Oliva

This exhibition, integrated by works of great format, will be able to be appreciated in the Artis718 Gallery, of the Cuban Cultural Heritage Fund, in Havana, Cuba until the next June 2th.

Its opening had the participation of a nurtured public, among specialists, journalists, critical, healers, diplomats and officials of the cultural environment.

The dancers of the Rosario Cárdenas Company carried out an action performance, with masks carried out by the painter covering them the face, in interrelation with the assistants.

The performance has carried out a list of supreme importance in the most recent interventions and this veteran and always restless and polemic creator’s representations.

In Artecru the public can appreciate a sample of his fruitful pictorial production.

The sea. 2014. Acrylic/Canvas. 140 x 190 cm.



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