The reality and the beliefs captured by means of the codes of the plastic arts.

The personal exhibition with two plastic series Outcast and Life and faith the young artist Daniel Rodríguez Ramírez was inaugurated in the Association of Artisans Artists of the city of Matanzas, Cuba.

In this exhibition the curator is the own author, both express the creator’s restlessness with the society that surrounds him.

In Outcast the process of the woman’s marginalization in this case it is expressed through the oil on canvas in attractive contemporary visual structures. In her it combines the abstraction and the surrealism in oneself space.

While in Life and faith, leans on in the collage to transmit the cultural legacy – religious and the beliefs of the Afro-Cuban religion, representing to several of its deities. The visual and tactile texture is diverse in all the pieces that compose them and elements like the cigar, cloth and flowers dissected as the sunflower, they constitute present materials in the exhibition.

Invited artists were added as it is the case of Yeniel Morales and Alexander Medina; each one of them with three pieces respectively, always in consonance with the central topic of the series.

The public will be able to visit her between October 24th and November 7th. So much Daniel Rodríguez Ramírez as Yeniel Morales Medina belongs to the catalog of creators of Artecru.

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