Different speech from the symbolic and visual.

Alejandro Pons Ramírez, student of the Provincial Academy of Plastic Arts “Roberto Diago” in the specialty of Painting of the province of Matanzas, presented his final thesis of graduation “Essence” in Pedro Esquerré Gallery located in this Cuban city.

The young artist made a proposal from the contemporary, through 30 snapshots, in what he considers “the development of a tree of life from the use of photographic portraiture, digital photography and installation; which synthesizes qualities of some people who intervene in my life environment “.

With a speech that never leaves aside his unique creative form, and at the same time it becomes the hallmark of his professional work; what was presented today was a decisive step in the consolidation process of a creator, who begins to gain a space within the new generations of Cuban visual artists.

Restless as many of his contemporaries, Pons does not stop searching and reflecting in his pieces the constant re – expositions of a complex surrounding contour from several edges, in a world where symbolic – pictorial discourses are increasingly present in the social environments of human being.

A selection of his work is part of the artistic proposals of Artecru, a space where the creator is part of his catalog.



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