The Cuban painter recaptures the marine landscapes again.

Enrique Casas Castellanos exposed his work Risco (oil on canvas) Salon of Landscapes Leopoldo RomaƱach in the gallery Space 34 Varadero Beach, Cuba.

The Cuban painter recaptures as thematic the coastal natural atmospheres, matter that has converted as stamp distinguishing characteristic inside the Cuban painting of these times inside artistic chore.

In their works the employment of the palette knife with main technique, believe textures so many visual as tactile that enriches the whole plane composition together to an exact representation of reality, maintaining an aesthetic dramaturgic characteristic of him.

In the work of marine landscape that is in this salon, the spectator can appreciate an artist that takes care until the most minimum it details, a meticulous work as for the employment of visual structures and a chromatic speech similar to the big works of the Rebirth.

The author of this piece is part of the catalog of collaborators of Artecru and some of his squares can be appreciated in this space.



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