The creator is presented with an aesthetics worked with supreme care.

Eduardo Estrada Roque is a painter that stands out in their creations to reflect the rural landscapes until the most minimum details.

Their paintings are taken out by the lens of a photographic camera by the detail level and clarity that present each one of them. The author of these pieces is graduated of the School of Plastic arts October 20th and of the noted and important Academy of Art San Alejandro.

He possesses in his career artistic important recognitions and prizes as well as exhibitions so much personal as collective.

The spectator has this way the combination of an academic painting but where the contemporary thing is present, without stopping to be attractive for the human eye.

In each part of the visual journey the employment of the light constitutes an element of identification. Each creation presents a touch of sensibility, with an aesthetics worked with supreme care.

This creator’s paintings are in the gallery of works of art of Artecru from this month.