The artist offers us a discourse from different aesthetic conceptions.

The network of social, psychological, creative, existential and somewhat conjuncture situations. The human being as argument and motive. The interweaving of various morphologies of the line and the mixture of chromatic tones in the same composition.

The selection of strongly chosen degrees from grammatical and morph-syntactic levels; are some of the issues present in the works of the Dutch artist Patrick Koster.

Made in recent times since the use of collage technique of adhesive film on polyester drawing mounted on a light box, the author of works such as: “The Massacre of the innocents” and “The complaints of an Icarus”; proposes pictorial creations with referential points to historical events, such as the Civil War in the United States; literary as “The Divine Comedy”; and social as the acts of violence that occurs in various North American cities.

In a century visually saturated by “new creative attempts and pseudo forms of realization”, Koster, how chronicler of his time tries to reflect the experiences of society, at times, determined from a symbology and a somewhat apocalyptic visual discourse in each of your proposals.

With a professional career supported by their studies in important academic institutions of his country such as the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and the Art and Painting Institute both in Amsterdam, Holland; their scenes show a creative progression and a style well defined by his creator.

The work of the representative of contemporary Dutch art can be appreciated from this month in his profile in the artistic community of Artecru.

“Incoherent resignation” of the imagination to the canvas

The understanding of the surrounding environment is the reason that gives life to this work.

“Pulse”: photographic discourse from the visual arts

The artistic initiative brings together young people from Matanzas city.

Patakíes: sketches for a popular visual site

The exhibition proposal is part of the XXVI anniversary of Varadero Gallery.

Masks inside a being

Hiding the face is not always a sign of having done wrong.

Poetry embodied in the Katerine de la Paz`s exhibition

The exhibition consists of nine pieces of medium and small format.

Architecture, urban planning and plastic arts

An artist from the province of Salta, Argentina combines the three disciplines in her career.

Cuban abstractionism at the Marbella International Fair

Contemporary Cuban art occupies a space in the important visual arts contest in Europe.

Dutch contemporary art in the Patrick Koster´s vision

The artist offers us a discourse from different aesthetic conceptions.

A serigraphy, a work, a creator of your society

The visual technique is the way of understanding between a creator, his work and the public.

French art in the Caribbean insularity

The creative look of a French artist expresses a perfect combination of harmony and light.

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