A young creator and professor integrate to the catalog of Artecru.

Lázaro Infante Gutiérrez belongs to the new generation of artists of the plastic arts in the city of Matanzas.

Graduated in the specialty of painting in the Professional Academy of Plastic Arts “Roberto Diago Querol” of this city, he combines the creation with the teaching in the same academy where he was forged professionally this time in the disciplines of painting and drawing.

In their works he stands out as creative reference point the human being’s employment with emphasis in the portrait like gender inside the Cuban pictorial. It is able to capture the most diverse sensations and feelings of the represented bodies and captured by their paintbrush.

This creative youth conjugates the use of the light and the shade excellently in several of his paintings conform an enigmatic and attractive visual journey in all his compositions.

It belongs to a social and creative context that constantly transforms and where the professional preparation carries out an important list. It factors that impact directly in the productions of works that are carried out at the moment.

Infante Gutiérrez is integrated from this month to the catalog of creators and collaborators of Artecru; space dedicated to the promotion and diffusion of the best thing of the plastic arts that are carried out in Cuba.



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