The biannual prize is the only one with its characteristics granted to the young generation of artists with a global dimension.

Yunier Tamayo, Katerine de la Paz, Reinier Domínguez and Daniel Rodríguez; creators of the Artecru catalog; in addition to Carlos R. Escala curator and art critic, some of the aspirants to the Future Generation Art Prize are sponsored by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation of Ukraine. With individual and collective projects each of them defends a particular way of realizing and understanding the field of visual arts. “Lethargy” (mixed / canvas 140 x 95 cm) was one of the works chosen by Yunier Tamayo. An abstract composition based on a sociological study of empirical character of its author about the different human behaviors in social spaces through a certain interval of time. For her part, Katerine de la Paz relies on “Mistrusting the water” (acrylic / canvas 100 x 100 cm); a very singular poetic vision of the different natural scenarios without losing the interaction with human beings. Some of their urban landscapes of cities in Europe constituted the proposal of Reinier Domínguez. On this occasion pieces made in oil on canvas with the identifying stamp of its author and the textures provided by the use of the palette knife. A trilogy through the execution of the collage with influences of the Art Povera of the 20th century and as a central axis the theme of transculturation and religion of Cuba, was the starting point and pictorial expression of Daniel Rodríguez. “The forest with wolves, without a new man” (photography, digital printing, 28 x 37 cm) guided the speech of the work of Carlos R. Escala; metaphor that alludes to a detailed narration of the present where “those little things” that mark life stand out. The submitted works will compete with those of other artists at an international level. It only remains to wait for a good acceptance by the specialists and juries of the contest.

Yunier Tamayo. “Lethargy”. Mixed / canvas 140 x 95 cm

Katerine de la Paz. “Mistrust the water.” Acrylic / canvas 100 x 100 cm

Reinier Domínguez. “Red Square”. Oil / canvas and palette knife. 130 x 90 cm

Daniel Rodríguez.  “Nation”. Collage. 140 x 90 cm.

Carlos R. Escala. “The forest with wolves, without a new man”. Digital printing. 28 x 37 cm.



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