Are you a creator of visual arts and design and want to promote your works? We offer you the opportunity to do so.

We are Artecru, a specialized society based in the United Mexican States; that promotes, informs and shares the most recent informative events of the professional life of the artists that make up its community of creators.

By being part of us you have the possibility of:

1- Create, shape and update your artistic-professional profile, which includes the descriptive and visual memory of your career; with a very personalized touch according to your interests.

2- Establish a closer and more intimate relationship with clients, collectors, galleries and art specialists.

3- Extend, develop and focus your artistic work towards new horizons.

4- Increase the promotion, visualization and positioning of your professional career achieving with this wide media coverage.

5- An ordering and a selective approach to your work from the visual and discursive through a thorough curatorial process by our specialists.

6- The elaboration of a technical – descriptive documentation of your professional career made by qualified specialists.

7- To be aware of everything that happens in terms of competitions, biennials, awards, events, fairs, exhibitions; in the main art circuits on an international scale.

We provide all of this at this time, although we work to continue increasing and expanding our offers of possibilities for and towards you.

Once you decide to be part of us and your profile has been published, it is important to remind you of the importance of maintaining close communication with us.

We wish you successes. We wait for you