Reflective artist of the plastic their restlessness through the painting.

Arael Jiménez consolidates as a multifaceted artist of the plastic contemporary of the last times in Cuba.

His creative chore is not framed in one single style or topic but rather it embraces a wide pitch inside the world of the painting. Through her expressed their restlessness and the vision of all that surrounds him.

Although their distinctive stamp continues being the representation of the rural landscapes, the creator is also able to go into in the abstraction and in the elements of the nature.

The employment of details; always with end care that together to the most diverse technical and to the chromatic variety they bear to the composition of visual scenes that they extrapolate the spectator to a certain reality.

He becomes this way an artist that breaks ties as for the creation or the limitation in certain style or topic.

The interested can come closer to this Cuban painter’s creations in the gallery on line of Artecru.