Two creative series in the plastic arts will be inaugurated.

Daniel Rodríguez Ramírez, young artist Matanzas prepares its recent exhibition with two plastic series.

The first of them is Outcast, in which the oil on canvas it stands out as the main technique as for the process of realization of the paintings and where it defends the social topic and the human being from the academic principles of the painting.

With 6 pieces of variable dimensions the creator plays the marginalization to which people don’t escape in certain moments of the life, with emphasis in the woman like the gender that more it suffers this process.

On the other hand Life and faith, constitute an offering to the deities of the Afro-Cuban religion without falling in the religious fanaticism. In this time the collage like creative technique. Intervention of the color and of the paintbrush it is minimum, it letting that the materials speak by itself through the texture so much visual as tactile.

This series will have two invited artists Yeniel Morales and Alexander Medina. In their entirety it will have 15 paintings.

The exhibition is foreseen to be inaugurated October 24th in the Cuban Association of Artisans Artists of the city of Matanzas.

This young painter is the artists’ that collaborate with Artecru.