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  • It is prepared (see privacy policy on the site) and designed according to the regulatory and legal framework of the GENERAL LAW OF PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA IN POSSESSION OF SUBJECTS OBLIGED in force and applicable throughout the territory of the United States of Mexico.

Guaranteeing the security and protection of the data provided by our users. It explains the processing and use of the information provided or collected automatically, the rights that users have as well as other specific issues.

With this we provide peace of mind and confidence to those who access our pages.


  • The information published on our site is property of ARTECRU, S.A DE C.V. and is protected by the federal law of copyright in vigor in the United Mexican States.
  • The brand and logo identifying the site, the published works (pieces of plastic arts, photographs, designs, etc.) of the creators that integrate or collaborate with Artecru as well as other materials that are published in it are the exclusive property of our community.
  • Reproduction, commercialization and use for matters similar to those mentioned above, of works published in any of our sections are prohibited; unless you have the authorization of the author of the same or of the CEO of Artecru, whose authorization will be made through the channels and with the necessary documentation established for it.

Failure to comply with this requirement can face a judicial process in accordance with legal laws. This requirement is exposed by TITLE IV Protection of Copyright, Chapter II, Article 85, of the FEDERAL LAW OF COPYRIGHT of the United Mexican States.

  • It is not allowed to use, distribute, duplicate and modify the published content for own benefit or for the benefit of third parties.
  • The published content can be used as a reference and reference material.
  • The advertising of the site is aimed at the promotion of our services or other activities for purposes, therefore it will be assumed once you access our website as part of its content.


  • With the subsequent browsing on our site we accept the acceptance of our conditions of use, which commits us not to carry out actions that, as a final consequence, directly or indirectly harm Artecru and its work team.
  • It also undertakes not to take actions that undermine, denigrate and discredit the creative and professional career of the artists of our community.
  • By entering your data in any of the sections of our site, you accept that we store and process any information provided by you or collected automatically (emails, links, IP address etc.); said information will always be processed, analyzed and used in correspondence with our privacy policy and the GENERAL LAW OF PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA IN POSSESSION OF SUBJECTS OBLIGED.

If you enter your data on other sites outside of Artecru assumes full responsibility for their use by them. We are not responsible for the use of the information provided in that case.

  • The data and information of our clients will never be disclosed to third parties or institutions unless they are required by a judicial order issued by a state, federal (in the case of the United Mexican States) or international court.
  • Avoid making offensive, defamatory and obscene comments against the Artecru work team and the artists – members of your community. In case of any dilemma please let us know through our email contacto@artecru.com
  • The communication department has the power to approve or reject their comments and eliminate those that damage the image of Artecru or some of their members or members of its work team.
  • Artecru cannot be used as a mediator in the resolution of conflicts of professional or personal nature, to do so use the corresponding channels to solve it.
  • If there is any complaint between our website and a certain user, the litigation will be resolved under the protection of Mexican and international legal laws if necessary.
  • No type of harassment will be allowed to members, work team, or Artecru users under any circumstances.
  • Artecru reserves the right to updates and modifications of their conditions of use and regarding the copyright and data privacy policy. If we change any of our policies, you will be notified in advance.


  • Our web site is managed by a highly qualified and trained staff in each of the areas of work and is ready to respond to any need and concern.
  • Security personnel as well as Artecru administrators can block or eliminate any user who does not comply with some of the requirements of the conditions of use, attempts to violate or constitutes a potential threat against https://artecru.com

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