Condition of Use

The present use conditions regulate the access and the use of our place web, it also implies our royalty politico’s acceptance and of privacy (to see in the place web). Therefore when consenting to him it should fulfill them, of not making this way them, please abstain from navigating in our web and in their respective sections.

Artecru is a place informative web – commercial that publishes talkative and advertising materials of visuals arts.

It is for that reason that we suggest him that you read the use conditions attentively before consenting to, because we want to have reciprocity in the relationship among our place web and the users and clients that visit him; and that these they can navigate without necessities of unnecessary quarrels or contradictions among the parts.


Politics of privacy and of royalty

They are designed and elaborated for the security of the data provided by our clients and users and for the protection of the published contents (texts, pictures, videos, graphic, plastic artists’ paintings or other content forms) in their pages.

To see them totally it can consent to them and to read them attentively all the picked up aspects.


Content and published information

The information of our web site: informative, commercial and advertising it is property of Artecru and therefore protected by our royalty politics.

The mark and the logo of the web site and the works of published plastic arts of the creators that are part or they collaborate with Artecru they are ownership of the same one.

For the previously exposed thing it is forbidden the reproduction of the works of arts published in anyone of our sections; at least that it possesses the authorization of the author of the same ones or whose authorize it is emitted by the CEO of Artecru. Of violating this requirement it can face a demand for the plagiarism according to the corresponding legal laws.

It is not allowed to use and to distribute the content published third people for own benefit, at least that it has been authorized by the personnel of the Department of Communication or the CEO of Artecru. It can be used as consultation material and it indexes.

The publicity of the place is guided to the promotion of our services and works of art; therefore it will be assumed once you consent to our web like part of their content.


Comments and data generated by the clients

When emitting any comment and to introduce their data, you accept us to keep in our databases; any information provided by you: emails, links to their personal pages, etc. always in correspondence with our politics of privacy which have been read previously by you.

The data of our clients (which are protected by our politics of privacy) it will never be revealed at least to third people or institutions that they are required by a judicial order emitted by some tribunal.

Avoid carrying out offensive, scandalous and obscene comments against the artists and members of the web site.

The communication team has the decision of approving or not its comments and to eliminate those damages the image of the place.   


Administration of the place

The place of Artecru is negotiated by a highly qualified personnel in each workspace and it is ready any necessity and restlessness that you possess to respond.

The personnel of security of the web can block or to eliminate any user that doesn’t fulfill some of the requirements of the use conditions, try to harm or constitute a potential threat against


Other conditions

One won’t be able to use to our place as mediator in the resolution of professional or personal conflicts, especially in the world of the plastic arts.

Of existing some quarrel between our place web and certain client or user, the litigation will be solved under the help of the corresponding legal laws. is reserved the right of the updates and modifications of its use conditions and the relative thing to the royalty politics and privacy of data.

Before any modification of some of our politicians you will be notified previously.


How to contact us

Before any notification that you want to carry out it can contact us through our email:

Condition of use updated mayo/2017

Adriana Riera: between shades and solitudes

The young creator extends their creative necessities by means of the picture.

Alejandro Baró in the Landscapes Salon Leopoldo Romañach

The landscape seen from a multiplicity of visual looks.

Young landscape painter in contemporary scenarios

Cuban creator reflects in their works the traditional from the contemporary.

Iván Carbonell: a legacy of amateur painters

The young creator is part of the Cuban contemporary visual panorama.

Works of Salomón in the emblematic Louvre Hotel

Selections of their pieces are in this emblematic building of Matanzas city.

Manuel López Oliva in the Center N´Namdi of Contemporary Art

The grateful artist of the plastic arts exhibits his work in the city of Detroit.

Julio César García in International Photography Awards

For the second time they recognize the work of the lens artist with an Honorable Mention.

Mirko Sevic: the painter of darkness for a drop of good

This is how the European artist defines himself

10th October Salon Award for Yunier Tamayo Sánchez

The piece “Dark Light” stands with the highest award.

Frank David Valdés in Fair of Art of Beirut

The young artist was one of those selected to participate in this event.

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