Welcome to the Artecru´s community. A space specialized in the promotion of the work of visual artists and design specialists without any distinction.

If you are a professional that develops in some of these disciplines you can join us if you wish, although we require certain requirements for inclusion in our site.

But if it does not comply with some of the requirements or requirements that it must have for the conformation of its profile in Artecru?

The answer is simple, do not get discouraged. Our team of specialists is always ready to help with a critical and constructive analysis to all interested parties.

It may be the case that you do not have the technical – descriptive documentation; tell yourself: curriculum vitae, statement or critical note of your professional work or in the opposite case that your artistic creations do not have an adequate quality to be inserted as a member of our community, in both circumstances you should not worry.

Our joint specialists with you will help you. In a very short time you will have your profile in our space and with it we will officially welcome you.

To achieve a close trust and a relationship from the beginning, it is necessary for you to know that all the information sent is processed by a team of highly qualified professionals and the works go through a process of curatorship and analysis by our members and art specialists before be published

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We are always ready to answer your concerns and questions through our email contacto@artecru.com or Artecru profiles on social networks.

It is your decision then to be part of Artecru, we hope to open future doors and offer a different art.


Team of Artecru