Creator returns to ceramics within a professional career.

Versatility, different ways to establish a relationship with connoisseurs, lovers, art specialists and the general public is once again the center of the new creations of plastic artist Jorge J Gutiérrez Salomón.

On this occasion, retakes ceramics as a way to expand concerns, needs, realities and you can see a renewal and evolution in his more than 16 years of professional career.

Without leaving for a moment their cultural – religious beliefs where the afro -Cuban is perceived, the creator reflects, from the fascinating universe of giving form and “life” to the mud, an infinity of works that respond to visual aesthetic patterns inherent in his worldview and discourse plastic; this does not mean that he abandons for a moment their canvases and the enigmatic frottipia that cause so much excitement and curiosity.

A selection of some of these pieces can be appreciated within the creative suggestions of



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