The grateful artist of the plastic arts exhibits his work in the city of Detroit.


Open Scene” the most recent personal exhibition in the grateful artist, essayist and professor Manuel López Oliva was inaugurated in the Center N´Namdi of Contemporary Art of Detroit, Michigan, United States.

Composed by 24 paintings on cloth in its majority of big formats, the exhibition had its genesis in the passing Biennial of Havana, and it will be open until the next January 5th, 2019.

The center that welcomes these art pieces is considered in the first place inside the circuit of galleries of that city of the north of United States, for its vocation curatorial that admits diverse constructive approaches, focus syntactic and experimentations of languages, where the perceptions and the contemporary problems generate authentic realizations and an unpublished point in its spirit and semantic unfolding.

The creator unites in perfect harmony the codes of the painting with those of the theater and the human being like reason and central topic in these impressive and singular visual works again.

The proposed scenes possess a great load polisémica that proposes the spectator a diversity of interpretations and points of views.

A selection of some of its pieces is part of the creative proposals of Artecru.

López Oliva and his Professional Assistant Deney Terry

“Matanzas´ elegy” a tribute to his city

Through the landscape a Matanzas ´ creator expresses the feelings he feels for the city in which he lives.

Photographic scenes of architectural forms

The young lens artist Alejandro Baró proposes an interesting visual discourse from the codes of photography.

Yeremy Guerra at the XIII Biennial of Havana

The artist is part of the project “Salt water”.

“The heat of the tropics” through the work of Adrián Socorro

It is the title of the proposal of this creator in the XIII Biennial of Havana.

“The way of the ancestors” of a contemporary creator

A reunion from the religious syncretism.

Matanzas` artists inaugurate XIII Biennial of Havana

On this occasion Matanzas become the sub-site of the most important visual arts event in Cuba.

Exhibition of young creators in the XIII Biennial of Havana

The exhibition is composed of young artists graduated from the Higher Institute of Art.

ConnectArt: in “Intermittent Rivers”

A collective project that brings together Cuban and North American artists from Ohio.

Contemporary Spanish art present in New York

The visual arts codes of La Rioja present in Artexpo 2019

The story as a show: Open Studio of López Oliva

The initiative is inserted as part of the XIII Biennial of Havana.

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