Different generations of creators converge in a single space: Artecru

Carlos Artime Guembe is one of the representatives of the contemporary art. With a vast and consolidated professional career, he demonstrates as much as it is to make in this world without the age is an obstacle.

He possesses the abilities of the painting and the architecture, knowledge acquired during his professional formation when he studied this last specialty in the University of the Havana.

In the year 1968 carried out his first personal exhibition. His artistic work has had the influence of the Abstractionisms, Constructivism and the Pop Art. In each expressed work, he demonstrates and reflects; the essence and the existence of all that their sensation and perception capture.

There he makes his reality, carrying out works with matters and singular scenes; is being the employment of the color like one of the most significant patterns in their pieces. In them they are present indistinctly the oil and the acrylic having like support to the canvas, between other techniques and materials.

Until the moment he has carried out 37 personal exhibitions and numerous collective. Their works are in public and private collections in Cuba, Spain, France, United States, Germany and Puerto Rico for alone to mention some.

At the moment he is part of the catalog of contemporary artists of Artecru. This is a space where the interested can find a selection of their creations.



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