Creator demonstrates his relationship with nature through the visual arts.

The plastic artist José J. Hidalgo Barquín exhibits with the creators Rainer Pantoja, Manuel Vidal, Byrom Coto, Lisbet Ballart, Alfredo Galán and Danelys Gallego in the “Huellas” studio, located in Calle 19th # 1258 / 20th and 22th, Vedado, Havana, Cuba.

The collective exhibition was inaugurated last Thursday, March 22th, in the opening of the Casiguaguas River Festival, and will remain open to the public for a month.

For the occasion, DJ Sam and the Horns to Havana project were invited. Through art, we try to make the public aware of the rivers and the impact of the human being on ecosystems and especially those affectations suffered by Almendares and its tributaries.

Part of their creations can be admired in Artecru, in the undoubtedly a deep relationship with nature is observed.



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