New artist unites Artecru and with him the picture.

Alejandro Vega Baró is one of the young creators that go winning space inside in the contemporary visual panorama in Matanzas.

Graduate of the Provincial School of Plastic arts “Roberto Diago Querol” of this city, in the specialty of Painting; their creations go guided to the world of the digital picture; as expression form and realization.

His work has been exposed in the National Photo Library of Cuba and the Foundation Ludwig of Havana, the quality of the same made him worthy of the scholarship Fotofest 2018 in Houston city, United States.

He is founder and director together with Ramón Pacheco of the photographic magazine “f7” in the year 2017. The youth collaborates with the journalistic weekly publication Girón.

One of their works of painting also constituted cover of the medical book “Immunology.”

The beginner artist incorporates to the catalog of Artecru from 2018 and with him the picture inside the creative suggestions of this space.

French art in the Caribbean insularity

The creative look of a French artist expresses a perfect combination of harmony and light.

Evolution from the everyday and the artistic

This new proposal is the result of constant improvement of its creator.

“Rivers of Cuba”: new series by Juan Manuel Velázquez

The Cuban countryside is again the inspiration of the artist.

An intermittent river of matter in the physical

A multiplicity of creative techniques converges in Matanzas city.

Photographic sketches of Adriana Riera in biennial times

An interesting look at the concept of photography.

Pop Art at the XIII Biennial Havana

Various visual discourses converge in this event.

“Snapshots” two-person exhibition by Raidel Cabrera Medina

The creator participates in a collateral exhibition of the XIII Biennial Havana.

A kingdom in the reality of this world

The photographic proposal is one of the exhibitions and projects of “Intermittent Rivers”.

“Matanzas´ elegy” a tribute to his city

Through the landscape a Matanzas ´ creator expresses the feelings he feels for the city in which he lives.

Photographic scenes of architectural forms

The young lens artist Alejandro Baró proposes an interesting visual discourse from the codes of photography.

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