A selection of his works was selected for the event.

Art Emporium in the city of Miami, United States will present a collective exhibition where the visitor will be able to appreciate the works of Adriano Nicot, Gus García, Ramsés Llufrio, Raúl Proenza and  Carlos Artime Guembe whose pictorial work has been included recently in Artecru.

“I will be pleasant of to receive them and to share with you in this inauguration where the artistic proposal, of the five that we compose the sample is different and for it stops all the likes”, the artist affirms in his invitation. For this occasion works of his last series: Floripondios were selected.

The opening will be p.m. this Saturday February 17th 8:00 at 11:00 p.m., in the 710 SW 13 Ave. Miami and it will be able to visit to March 10th.



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Open your doors