A cycle of 365 days will culminate inside a little.

After a year of intense creation, Artecru wishes a happy new year to all the artists of its catalog who take the contemporary art day by day to the more dissimilar places from their perspectives, styles and creative forms; and whole users that visited its website.

Exhibitions, individual and collective projects, new artists’ incorporation with  great prestige and consolidated careers as Maykel Herrera, Jorge J. Gutiérrez Salomón, Enrique Casas; for alone to mention some; they have facilitated together to other elements that this space consolidates inside the panorama of the contemporary arts.

Constituting a space of cultural exchange, opinions, of heterogeneity of technical and styles that united to each other they are part of the Cuban culture of the XXI century.

Its vision extended to several specialties where the visual content is the indispensable element to be related with the spectators. At the same time it intended to educate the users from the content and the form in each news published.

Who consented to their place web they found varied designs, always in consonance with tendencies in the decoration of spaces; to the couple a series of services always to respond to the necessities of the own artists and of possible and potential clients.

For the year that approaches, Artecru will maintain its mission of promoting the visual arts and it invites all the interested creators that come closer to him, its team it will be to its whole disposition, in an opportunity that should not get lost.

Once again we reiterate them the congratulation for new year and we hope you are part of us.



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Open your doors