The users of Artecru will find dissimilar proposed as for the design of rooms or available spaces.

In the suggested paintings they are embraced different technical: oil and acrylic on canvas, the employment of the palette knife technique until the most novel as the frotype.

They are approached different thematic and styles. For example the flowers are presented in a wide range as for the composition and form. The represented animals are in great variety and in a detailed way.

The landscapes are in attractive and only visual representations in the Cuban plastic arts. The rural, the urban and the marine atmospheres are between the proposals that you can choose.

As for the abstraction it continues being one of the most popular styles and wanted inside the contemporary Cuban painting. In this occasion different forms of to understand and to see the combined reality of different elements and visual tendencies capturing the idea that anything is what seems.

As for the available spaces the proposals of designs are in consonance with the necessities of the clients, carried out and thought until the most minimum it details and with variable dimensions.

It is necessary that you know that alone Artecru offers the works, the decoration and the selection of the spaces is the client’s election



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Open your doors