The plastic arts are the human being’s part almost to the unison of their existence.

What they were elements pictographic for the communication in a moment; it evolved, it transformed and it perfected.

Diverse styles and movements existed and others arise being adapted. It is not strange to find the combination of technical artistic as the oil, the acrylic and the palette knife technique. The online art and the virtual galleries win more spaces.

Before the creative vortex of the XXI century, it arise Artecru like space of manifestation of visual representations – pictographic in Cuba. Here the creators use to the elements of the visual communication.

In the works represented the most diverse human perceptions they are linked that cause the spectator to (re) think.

Among their suggestions it can be works of abstraction, surrealism, paintings of portraits, urban and rural landscapes; excellent for the decoration.

It is not the mere reproduction, but different forms of building the reality together to established aesthetic patterns. With this it is demonstrated that the Cuban painting; not alone it is commercial but rather the conceptual and the artistic.