Without covering of the project What`s up it is the name of the exhibition that today is inaugurated in the county of Mayabeque, Cuba.

In its mix paintings and facilities in a symbiosis with the contour where it is framed and people that travel him.

For the public spectator the sample can have diverse readings from the point of view of the interpretation.

The critic to the drop quality that presents in occasions the cellular telephony in Cuba with the so well-known voice message: “the cell that you call is out or outside of the covering area”, the alcoholism that affects to the population’s great part constitutes some of the thematic ones approached for Without covering.

The group integrated in their majority for young and led by the brothers Normandis and Neski Fernández, it mixes in their works the diverse techniques of the plastic arts with personal and social restlessness.

What today is presented What`s up, it constitutes a new form of to make and to see the Cuban contemporary art and it demonstrates that not alone in the galleries it can be carried out an exhibition.



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