Where the look trembles, personal exhibition of Manuel Leyva (Foka) it was open to the public in the art gallery Pedro Esquerré of the city of Matanzas, Cuba.

Manuel Leyva is graduated of the academy of art of the Youth’s Island in 1992. He has more than 50 personal and collective exhibitions in Cuba and internationally and it counts among the recognitions granted with the Prize Diago of the Edition in the year 2014.

In the works exposed in this space the family thing it is stood out in an intimate and private atmosphere, with emphasis in the paintings carried out their small daughter of 13 months of life.

According to, Helga Montalván Díaz, in their words written for the catalog of the exhibition: “Leyva recycles the attitude of the life, when transmitting us this daily, instantaneous and urgency.”

Among the techniques used by Manuel Leyva they meet the acrylic one on the canvas and the liquid embroidery in textile painting with texture to relief, aspect this last one complex because they are needed of the knowledge of the diverse disciplines that conforms the plastic arts for not damaging the creative work that the artist carries out.

The most interesting thing in the paintings carried out by Leyva is the employment of the line, defined by him same as an important factor in their artistic realizations and with which cannot come off easily; becoming this way a symbol of creative identity.

Where the look trembles it is a starting point to unite the intimate and family with the external world and this way to share sensibilities through diverse looks.