The exhibition of the new media, Bistro, it was inaugurated in the gallery Pedro Esquerré of the city of Matanzas like part of the Festival Fluxus, art in movement.

With Frency Fernández like curator, this novel form of elaborating the art has artists’ of the project works Medinwerkstatt Berlin im kulturwerk of Germany and of Italian Factory of Milan, Italy.

With interesting proposals the exposed works until the day October 24 possess as central axis the use of the audiovisual one and the sound effects as communication roads to transmit the message.

The spectator goes into by of the audiovisual media in a world in the one that alone it exist him and the digital supports.

A new representation what breaks up with the barriers of the reality and the subjectivity.

Bistro breaks up with the oldest forms of representing the art and it adopts the tendencies and necessities of the modern times.