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With a vast and prolific professional career in the universe of visual arts, Alexander Lobaina Jiménez is presented as a creator that combines new reformulations and traditional ways of performing in each of their works.

His pictorial discourse, characterized by a strong semiotic presence in their compositional narratives, the use of a chromatic variety, pop art, and typographical use are some of the most identifying elements in their pieces.

All his visual narrative proposes juxtaposition of conditions and mediations that start from the same peculiarities of contemporary art as from social, personal, historical and to a certain extent political experiences.

Lobaina Jiménez is currently a member of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba and works as a curator and specialist in the Provincial Center for Visual Arts in the province of Matanzas.

A sample of personal work those interested can see in his profile in the community of creators of Artecru.

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