The young creator extends their creative necessities by means of the picture. 


Adriana Riera Pérez, she is a Cuban young whose academic formation in the environment of the computer sciences has not prevented her to find in the codes of the photography a way to explain and to give to know their creative restlessness. 

With a self taught formation; she has behaved among takings, planes, tendencies and the choke of her camera to the proposition of a speech a so much intimate in connection with the family thing and the daily thing – social of the city in that she lives, Matanzas, Cuba.

In their photogram’s, she offers proposals carried out from a personal perspective approached carefully from the composition until the employment of the technical and symbolic requirements that this visual discipline demands. 

A selection of its instantaneous is to disposition in Artecru since this November. 

Dominique Joyeux: French art in the Caribbean visual

The French artist has developed part of her career in the French overseas nations.

“Losing balance” in FORMART 2019 event

The work contains a caustic idea-aesthetic discourse from the vision of his creator.

Teodora Stojanović: the contemporary codes of Serbian art

The artist becomes the second visual representative of the Balkan Peninsula to be part of Artecru.

Frank David Valdés exhibits his work at the Cuban Art Factory

The creator presents their latest artistic productions in the Cuban capital these days.

Cuban creator at the Meliá Luxembourg Hotel

The exhibition brings together several exponents of Latin America.

“The Coin”: from the everyday to the visual arts

An object of daily use becomes a means of artistic expression.

Matanzas` artists such as Messengers of Olofi

The exhibition is dedicated to the 85 years of life of the sculptor and Master Agustín Drake.

Contemporary artists in retrospective of creators

One space it gathers a multiplicity of artistic perceptions.

Julio César García gets Silver Winner award

The lens artist achieves another award in his professional career.

Alexander Lobaina: a look, diversity of interpretations

A multiplicity of criteria converge around your creations.

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