The feedback is indispensable in the creative process.

The plastic artist Adrián Socorro defines his work as a result of the accumulation of lived experiences and in which tries to resemble their thoughts in an entire action chain and reaction.

With the acrylic on canvas, without caring dimensions, it tries to recreate all that surrounds him without trying to resemble anything neither nobody. His professional career has made him worthy of countless prizes and its creations have been in important visual spaces.

It also counts study-shop The Scribble, place where it constantly exchanges with the external world and feedback to conform all their paintings.

Grateful young actors of the theater of the city, included their wife, they have been captured by their paintbrush in many of their paintings.

In today’s day he has inaugurated a series of watercolors dedicated to the centennial of Dámaso Pérez Prado (creator of the mambo) in the Gallery the Cabinet of the House of the Scenic Memory of the city of Matanzas.

It also conforms part of the team of artists’ of Artecru collaborators from this month of December where the interested ones can find the concerning information.