The abstraction is one of the styles employees in the contemporary painting.

One of the styles pictographic constitutes more difficult of understanding for the human perception. They are creations that break up with the logic.

Paintings with objects and symbols in constant rejection to the imitation or reproduction. The abstract elements present a visual language characteristic with varied meanings.

This style of the plastic arts constitutes one of the creative proposals of Artecru. Its with works in variable dimensions, ideals for the decoration of spaces. It has expressiveness of the own elements that make them only. All the works presented in this space are of Yunier Tamayo Sánchez.

In these suggested visual representations the most varied converge technical artistic among them the palette knife technique and the oil on canvas.

They are always in consonance with the demands of Cuba. In a way of teaching to the world that not alone it can show himself feelings with figures of our reality.