The abstraction unites matter and religion.

The stranger combination between the matter and the religion, the man’s creation seen from the point of view of the divine thing but with the presence of the material is the new proposal of Yeniel Morales Medina.

“Image and likeness”, title of the work, is an oil on canvas, it corresponds to the misunderstood world of the abstraction.

It is based on the square as basic form for their realization (288 pieces in total), distributed equally so much in the superior part as inferior of the painting and in which four elements is represented: earth, water, fire and air.

By means of the abstract symbolism the religion is captured through the cabalistic cross of three arms and a vertical axis, aided under the foundation that: God created to the man to his image and likeness. It has especially as point of reference Miguel Angel’s work with their maximum creation: the Chapel Sixtina.

The juxtaposition of all the parts in this painting reflects the diversity of approaches about the creation of the world and of the man, this time through the codes of the plastic arts.

With an important visual load that breaks up with traditional patterns of the aesthetics and the painting.

The interested can appreciate it in the gallery of paintings of Artecru.



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