About Us

We are a specialized website of contemporary art and design: interactive, dynamic, informative, advertising and educational, located in the United States of Mexico, whose name takes as its reference the acronym of Contemporary, Rural and Urban Art (ARTECRU).

We promote, publish and share the most recent events of the professional career of the artists that make up our community of creators. At the same time, we constitute a space for socialization, debate, learning, exchange of ideas and knowledge. We advocate originality, exclusivity and creativity.

The promotion of the professional work of creators which are an important segment of the visual arts and design is one of our main missions, and in turn we are focused on offering new services that in the near future will make up a wide range of possibilities for both creators as for the users that visit us. It is always in line with the new demands and trends without losing our essence for a moment.

We can only invite you to feel part of Artecru that more than an artistic community is a philosophy of life.

We offer you the opportunity to discover new horizons. Join us and live the experience